Our history.

The 2014 World Wine Awards

Clos du Phoenix is a family business.
Our vineyard is located in northern Lebanon at 400 meters above sea level over the Mediterranean.
Our wine is estate grown and bottled.
Our production is artisanal to ensure the quality of our wine Organic certification is on its way.


After 10 years of involvement in the wine business by pooling our grapes into a joint wine with partners, we decided to start our own independent winery. We are now making our own wine exclusively under a new brand with a new winery leveraging the skills and experience of the historical team. To celebrate this rebirth, we have chosen to call our wine φnix (Phoenix).

The soil

The clay and limestone soil and the microclimate of the Batroun region (northern Lebanon) are ideal for viticulture.
This is one of the few terroir wines from Lebanon

The vineyard

The surface of our vineyard is 6 hectares Our different varieties are: Syrah, Mourvèdre, Grenache, Chardonnay and Marsanne
The quality is guaranteed through rigorous work in the vineyard and in cellar, with manual harvest in small containers and the use of natural fertilizers
All the requirements for organic certification are fulfilled since 2012, and we are aiming to receive the certification very soon
The livestock and harvest the grapes are entirely made based on wine quality and not quantity

The grape varieties

Imported from France they were selected from a field study and guidance of European specialists. Our choice fell on the following varietals: Marsanne, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Mourvèdre and Grenache.

The viticulture

  • The pruning: The most important step during winter to control yield.
  • The green harvest: The harvest takes place in July. This important process leaves on each plant the equivalent of a bottle of wine (5 or 6 poles).
  • Fertilizer: Organic fertilizers are used in the vineyard.
  • Weeding: Hand and mechanically, no herbicide used.
  • At maturity, grapes are harvested progressively between August and September depending on the year.
  • The winemaking

    We take advantage for more than 8 years of the expertise of our Burgundian winemaker Yvan Jobard
    The Malolactic fermentation is done on all our wines We use indigenous yeasts
    The wines contain very little SO2 less than 50% of the authorized amount
    The light filtering helps preserve the aromas and flavours of our wines

    A. Red wine
    A.1 Château Cabernet Sauvignon

    This wine comes from a specific soil. The soil in the region of Batroun suits perfectly this grape variety. It reveals the splendor of the wine, a delight for connoisseurs. A rich and powerful wine with incomparable elegance. A wine to be enjoyed in and lying next 15 years.

    A.2 Château Syrah

    A wine produced entirely from Syrah grapes. It combines strength and flexibility, and expresses the earth and the expertise of the vineyard. A significant wine to be appreciated during the next 15 years.

    A.3 Cuvée de la Citadelle

    (So called because of the name given to the area where the winery is located) Perfect blend of Syrah, Mourvèdre and Grenache: This wine is popular among wine lovers for its light and fruity taste. It blends the strength of the Syrah and lightness of the Mourvèdre expressing the warmth of Lebanese wines.

    B. White wine - Emiresse

    (Means little princess (Emira), used by our late grandfather who was an Emir of the Abillama family) The harmonious blend of Chardonnay and Marsanne gives this wine finesse, freshness and refinement. The complexity of Chardonnay aromas and freshness of Marsanne are combined into a harmonious unity. Clos du Phoenix is one of the few wineries in the country that applies the technique of malolactique fermentation for all its wines. The white wine has a bouquet of typical flavors of Chardonnay as "Butter" and Marsanne as "white flowers" leading to an unparalleled wealth.

    C. Rosé wine - Les Fresques

    (In reference to the frescoes of the Medieval church that houses the Patron Saint of the village where the winery is located) Direct pressing Grenache gives the wine freshness, elegance and refinement.

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